Crinklz adult diaper changing mat
Crinklz adult diaper changing mat top
Crinklz adult diaper changing mat zipper detail
Crinklz adult diaper changing mat
Crinklz adult diaper changing mat top
Crinklz adult diaper changing mat zipper detail

Crinklz adult changing pad

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Crinklz adult changing pad

Change diapers like the pros

On the Crinklz changing pads for adults with dimensions of approx. 145 x 110 x 5 cm / 45 x 43 x 2 in (LxWxH) and side upstands of approx. 13 cm / 5 in height, even big diapers can be changed comfortably. These changing mats are made by a company in Germany that also supplies kindergartens and daycare centers. For the Crinklz changing pads, only the dimensions were enlarged and foam suitable for adults was used. The bottom of the changing pads is covered with an anti-slip fabric to prevent slipping even on slippery surfaces. The cute amusement park motif creates a fun atmosphere while changing diapers. After changing diapers on this changing pad, the fortune teller predicts no leaking diapers.

Premium materials

The 100% polyester (PES) cover is moisture-proof, wipeable, and can be removed with a surrounding zipper and washed at 30°C / 86 F in case of major mishaps. However, the cover is not suitable for tumble drying.

The used highly elastic and durable polyurethane foam (PUR) with a density of 35/50 kg/m³ is of high quality and chosen so firm that you can lie comfortably on it even with 115 kg of weight. PUR foam and cotton fleece are certified Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex. The changing mats weigh about 4.5 kg.

The changing pads are shipped with the print rolled up inside in semi-transparent XXL bags.



Leah loves action and is a fireball of energy. She has a gift for sports and is always ready for a game of catch or kickball with her friends. Soccer is her most favorite activity ever!


Max is a budding adventurer who loves to explore. His ability to scamper up into tree tops with ease gives him a great vantage point for spotting adventures. Crinklz is his best buddy, which usually means mischief meets adventure when the two wander off together.


Felix is the dreamer of the group. He often passes the day lost in one daydream or another. He is easily distracted by clouds in the sky or bugs in the grass. He will often dawdle behind his friends because something has caught his attention.


Alma is the guardian of the group. She is fiercely protective of her band of misfits and keeps a close eye on them. Her soft feathers and long wingspan make for great cuddling, but don’t let her friendly face fool you, she has no problem keeping this lot in line!

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